The Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals, with extensive experience in the respectful accompaniment of children and their families, and special awareness of the preventive relevance of Early Childhood Education and the consequences of this stage in the mental and emotional health of the adult person.

We believe that two of the key elements for an optimal and integral development of the person are:
•the living experiences in a natural environment
•the ability to connect and the respect of the companion towards the child, always providing him/her with a safe and rich space in which to communicate freely.
In this way we will preserve the infant’s connection to his or her interests and desires, keeping alive the innate capacity to explore, discover and learn in a self-managed way.


Pedagogical Coordinator of the educational project

  • Doctor in Education Sciences
  • Teacher in Special Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Anthropology
  • Master in Hipology UDL
  • Postgraduate in Emotional Education UDL
  • Training in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Instructor of the Spanish Federation of Equestrian Therapies.
  • FETE Specialist in Psychoeducational Interventions Assisted with Horses
  • Specialist in Forest School Methodology (Cerceda Madrid)
  • Training in Systemic Pedagogy and Self-Regulated Parenting

I am Belén Franquet Montufo, pedagogical coordinator and creator of the original idea of the Escoleta del Mas. I define myself as passionate about pedagogy and horses….

I focused both my doctoral thesis in Educational Sciences and my subsequent publication on the analysis and design of experiential educational contexts in nature and with the mediation of horses. The immense curiosity to understand human behavior and its diversity around the world led me to graduate in Social and Cultural Anthropology, but my training and profession base for years, both in public and private schools was as a teacher of ‘Special Education and guidance in methodological innovation. My time as a university teacher in the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work of the UdL and as a counselor-trainer of professionals in the sector, along with the experience accompanying families and their children in the educational process, gives me a fairly complete vision of the field and allows me to rethink and constantly review our operation, to offer the best version that combines respect for the maturational rhythms and personalized attention, with the construction of learning skills in an active and meaningful way in interaction with the natural environment.
Since its constitution -more than a decade ago- I coordinate the Fundación de Terapias Ecuestres la Manreana, and since 2019 I also dedicate my energy and illusion to give shape to the educational project that concerns us.


Lead Accompanying Teacher of the Infants’ Group

· Formada en Educación Viva y Educación Holística
· Máster en Inteligencia Emocional en las organizaciones, UDL
· Directora y Monitora de Actividades de ocio Infantil y Juvenil
· Experiencia en Proyectos Educativos Libres
· Grado en Educación Primaria, especialidad Lengua Inglesa

I am Irene, and I am a teacher accompanying the Escoleta del Mas. When I was studying Primary Education, I had the good fortune to be able to do my first internship at the school…

…a school that saw childhood with different eyes, with a respectful and welcoming look, that gave an active role to the children so that learning could take place based on their interests and motivations. There I saw that another way of educating and accompanying children was possible. And that spark made a fire grow in me that I have been taking care of day by day to keep it alive.

Little by little, my formative and professional path has been drawing and taking a personal course through courses on emotional accompaniment and living and holistic education, combined with a lot of reading, volunteering in unique projects and in the world of leisure, and daily practice in free educational spaces.

I often think that I am at the Escoleta because here I find coherence between what I am and what I do, and I can accompany little people with love, presence and respect, in an environment full of life and joy.


Responsible for supervising the motor development of infants.

· Physiotherapist Specializing in Neurology, Mental Health and Hippotherapy
· Postgraduate Basic Body Awareness Methodology, University de Bergen
· Master’s Degree in Neurological Physiotherapy, European University of Madrid
· Postgraduate Diploma in Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding UdGirona
· FETE Expert in Assisted Interventions on Horses
· Experience in working with children in the context of equestrian therapies and educational leisure.
· Attending specialty in pediatrics


Responsible for the supervision of children’s emotional and social development

· Licenciada en Psicología UAB
· Posgrado en Equinoterapia UdVic
· Máster en Psicología Infantil y Juvenil, Técnicas y Estrategias de Intervención
· Especializada en intervención en casos de dificultades de aprendizaje y trastorno de espectro autista, con formación complementaria en sistemas de comunicación visual, método TEACCH

I am Fabienne Aguilera Suter. I was born in Catalonia but I come from a multicultural family with Swiss, German, Italian, Andalusian and Castilian roots…

Looking back, since I was a child, animals and nature have always been part of me and my development, and as an adult, my path has been parallel to them. While I was studying psychology I worked with children and horses giving riding lessons, once I specialized in equestrian assisted interventions I continued to gain experience in natural environments, with animals and children, in Catalonia and England, not only in equestrian spaces but also in Waldorf pedagogy schools. For me it is a basic need to be in connection with nature and, in a society where screens are so present, I try to offer wherever I go to help people, especially children, to reconnect with nature.


Lead Educator Accompanying Educator Group Niu

· Early childhood educator with more than 10 years of experience.
· Holistic Education Specialist
· Master’s degree in mediation and non-violent communication
· Master in natural therapies.

My name is Laia Lorente. Since I was a little girl I played to be a teacher with my dolls. I did my studies as an early childhood education technician…

…as well as monitor and director of lleure.

I started working in various private and public schools for more than 8 years, a process that I developed at the same time as my studies of Holistic Education, with Ignasi Salvatella and the Institute of Holistic Education of Barcelona, with whom I collaborated for more than ten years in the organization of courses on non-violent communication, yoga for children, pedagogy 3000 with Noemi Paymal, meditation in the classroom and in life, Asiri Method with Ivette Carrión, among others- as well as giving introductory courses in Holistic Education. This path opened the doors and opened my eyes to a totally different approach to child accompaniment.

Another aspect of my life to which I feel very connected is dance and body expression or creative dance, in which I continue to train. Every day I make her presence visible as a companion in the Escoleta del Mas where the dream of all these years has become a reality; a place where to accompany from life and for life, with love and respect for each unique and special little being, in a framework of nature, animals and constant development and growth.



My name is Ignacio García Mazzei but everyone calls me Nacho. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There I trained as a psychologist and specialized in childhood and development. Among other trainings, I am a certified Day Care Parent and Montessori Assistant by AMI. For more than ten years and always from a holistic perspective, I have been fortunate to accompany children in their journeys, both in educational and therapeutic spaces and projects.

…For almost eight years I worked as a counselor in the Pedagogical Guidance Team of the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires in infant and primary schools and as a university teacher, cross-cutting experiences in my personal and professional life that helped me to discover living education and active pedagogies. I came to them looking for a cosmovision of education, upbringing and the child that includes respect, experience, play, experience, affection and expression as central dimensions. This is how I began to walk, since 2016, my path as a companion and counselor in projects of active and respectful education, both in Buenos Aires and in Spain and I continue to walk until today.

Currently, I am an accompanist of the CAU group at Escoleta del Mas and a therapist in psychoeducational intervention assisted with horses (IPSIAC) at Fundación Manreana.


Workshop leader of the educational garden area

I’m Chipi, I was born in Argentina. I am the second son of a veterinarian and a horticulturist, from where I inherited my love for animals and plants…

…I graduated as a Physical Education teacher and then I specialized in living/free pedagogy in Argentina and in pedagogy in nature at CIFREP (Chile) – Asilo nel Bosco (Italy). I co-created the first space of living education in nature in my hometown (Mar del Plata) but the project was truncated with the arrival of the confinement. After that experience I decided to come to know new educational projects in Spain and specifically in Catalonia, where I made observations in several projects in Barcelona (Badallot, Xantala, among others), I worked as a companion in Manada Gori Gori and El Niu. I also volunteered as a companion at Escoleta del Mas and Fundació La Manreana, where I currently work as a coordinator of educational activities at the farm school.



I am Magda Cardona, accompanying teacher at Escoleta del Mas. While working as an early childhood education technician, I felt the need to go a little further and I studied a degree in Early Childhood Education.

… Currently I feel like continuing to grow both personally and professionally through active pedagogies that take into account the look of the children from the respect and love, leaving aside limiting labels and accompanying their needs, taking into account their maturity pace … unhurried but with quality. In Escoleta del Mas I have found a privileged space where to practice, both for the environment that surrounds us and for the type of respectful accompaniment we offer. I especially enjoy being able to offer an educational space where children are listened to and build through real experiences, supported by strong emotional bonds and from trust and a close look.