Before registering, it is necessary to read these sections carefully

The undersigned authorize L’Escoleta del Mas, the treatment of our personal data and those of our sons and daughters, in a private file for the administrative and academic management of the nursery, without authorizing its transfer to third parties, unless express written permission. We may exercise our rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation by writing to

We authorize L’Escoleta del Mas to take photographs and audio and video recordings for archiving and documentation of the activities carried out. We will be informed of their realization via mail or instant telephone messaging, retaining the right of opposition if in the future we decide to revoke the authorization. In no case will they be disseminated to third parties, unless their use is required for informative or advertising purposes in physical, audiovisual and digital support in media directly dependent on the school, always with prior express authorization.
We express our knowledge and approval of the terms of the educational project La Escoleta del Mas, based on the methodology of active pedagogies; the adaptation period is unlimited, self-regulated sphincter control (based on the child’s maturity needs), freedom of movement, respect for individuality, the healthy expression of feelings, the promotion of cooperation, the non-use of rewards, punishments, homework or exams, flexible schedules and the family integrated into the school.

We authorize our sons and daughters to go on outings organized by the day care center, subject to prior verbal communication and via e-mail, unless expressly communicated otherwise.

We establish that the mode of formal communication to receive information from the nursery will be through the e-mail addresses provided and the telephone numbers, by means of calls or instant messaging.

In case of single-parent family, leave parent 2 data blank
If yes, please send a photocopy of the calendar to
Write "NO" in negative case
Write "NO" in negative case
Escriba "NO" en caso negativo
If yes, please indicate name and age

We inform you that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, challenge, cancellation and opposition to the data you have just provided, which you can exercise by contacting a LA MANREANA – C/ MAS SANT JORDI, S/N – 25430 JUNEDA (Lleida).